Türkiye sends seedlings for "Friendship Forest" in Azerbaijan's Jabrayil

Seeds and seedlings prepared by the Main Forestry Department of Türkiye for the Azerbaijani-Turkish "Friendship Forest" in the Jabrayil district have been sent to Azerbaijan, News.Az reports citing Turkish media.

A total of 44,000 seedlings, including the Eldar pine, red pine, cypress, yellow pine, and others from the forests of Konya, Eskişehir, Mardin, and Mersin, have been sent to Azerbaijan for the Azerbaijani-Turkish "Friendship Forest".

The forest is being created on an area of 65 hectares.

In addition to seedlings, 150 kilograms of beech, yellow, black, Aleppo, red pine, and acacia seeds will be delivered to Azerbaijan from Konya, Eskişehir, Mardin, and Mersin forest nurseries.

"Jabrayil will be reborn again together with the "Friendship Forest", which will be created in Karabakh," head of the forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Türkiye, Bekir Karacabey, said in a statement.


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