Twitter account of Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry leading in the South Caucasus

Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry's digital diplomacy activity ranks 47th among the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of 190 countries in the global digital diplomacy ranking.

Last year, Azerbaijan  ranked 73rd, while throughout 2017 the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan advanced 27 steps taking the 47th place.
According to the report, Norway ranks 56, Estonia 57, Singapore 62, Georgia 66 and Czech Republic 103.

Digital diplomacy has become one of the key trends of modern diplomatic activity and, in this sense, Twitter plays an important role. There are even those who say that a new type of twitplomacy has emerged. It should be noted that in professional diplomacy circles Twitter is especially popular.

For the number of viewers, the Twitter profile of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry is a leader in the South Caucasus with 37,400 followers. Since Twitter is not as popular in Azerbaijan as Facebook, Instagram and other social networking profiles, it gives the reason to say that most of the Foreign Ministry's Twitter followers are external readers. This is important from the perspective of bringing news about the country's foreign policy to international audience.


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