Two Azerbaijanis injured in heinous provocation by Armenians in Toronto (VIDEO)

On the night of August 1–2, Armenian community members, using cold steel and firearms, committed another heinous provocation against two Azerbaijanis living in Toronto, Canada, the Azerbaijani Embassy in Canada said in a statement.

The Azerbaijanis were injured while fighting off an attack by a group of Armenians. They are now in stable condition, one of them was hospitalized.

According to the Azerbaijani community of Toronto, community members and many police officers immediately arrived at the scene. The police took explanatory notes from the victims and, based on the information provided by members of the Azerbaijani community, the whereabouts of the Armenians responsible for the provocation have already been established.

In fact, local law enforcement agencies are taking operational-search measures.

Community members immediately informed the Azerbaijani Embassy about the provocation.

The Azerbaijani Embassy and Canada’s relevant authorities are closely following this issue, and additional information will be provided on the results of the investigation.


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