UN launches game to raise awareness of environmental problems

The United Nations on Wednesday launched a mobile video game aimed at adolescents, to raise awareness about the need to preserve the Earth's ozone layer and protecting the planet, initiated by the organization’s Ozone Secretariat.

The game, called “Reset Earth,” is based on an animated film with the same name that premiered on Jan. 24, the “World Education Day,” which has been watched more than 83,800 times in less than three weeks on the social media platform, YouTube.

The mobile game, which continues the plot of the film, is available on Android and iOS systems and invites players to a time-travel adventure where they are on a mission to save the Earth and what is left of human life.

Three teens team up in a dystopian adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world in 2084 when the ozone layer is completely erased and human life is under a virus threat called GROW, which has spread across the world and cut life-expectancy to less than 30 years.

The game and the film try to educate audiences of all ages about preserving the ozone layer and the environment.

"Their journey takes them back in time where they find the cause of the disease, learn about the importance of the ozone layer and the impact of working together towards a common human cause," read a statement by the U.N. Environment Program Ozone Secretariat.

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