Uncertainty grows over Agramunt’s presidency of PACE

PACE president Pedro Agramunt did not participate in the Bureau meeting, said PACE Vice-President, Chairman of the European Conservatives Group Gale Roger.

Agramunt did even present his resignation, said Gale, who chaired the Bureau meeting on Friday, APA reported.  
“Thus we won’t trust Pedro Agramunt as PACE President and there is no way he can represent the Assembly,” noted the vice-president.  
As Agramunt has not resigned yet and there is no impeachment procedure in the Charter, uncertainty grew over his presidency. If the crisis continues, the Charter will be amended.
It should be noted that Pedro Agramunt, along with State Duma Deputy Chairman Vladimir Vasiliev, visited Syria and held a meeting with President Bashar al-Assad.
The move drew criticism from PACE members, who announced a no-confidence vote against him.   


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