United States provides assistance to local community in Jojug Marjanli

The United States, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has launched an economic development and community capacity program in the village of Jojug Marjanli.

The United States’ rehabilitation activities in Jojug Marjanli started to take shape following a visit to the village by USAID’s Mission Director, Mikaela Meredith in February 2017. At that time, Meredith participated in a government-led diplomatic visit to Jojug Marganli to assess the situation of the internally-displaced persons and determine how the international community might assist with rehabilitation efforts. At the direction of USAID, East West Management Institute (EWMI), which closely coordinates with the Ministry of Economics to implement the Socio Economic Development Activity (SEDA) project, identified the village as needing socio-economic rehabilitation.

On June 29, 2017, EWMI visited Jojug Marjanli in order to determine ways the U.S. government might address the social and economic needs of the local community. Following the assessment and several rounds of meetings with Jojug Marjanli executive authorities and local community members, Jojug Marganli residents requested EWMI’s assistance to construct a two–room feed grinding facility equipped with feed grinding, hay shredding, and seed sorting capabilities. The facility will have a positive impact on the development of cattle-breeding and agricultural activities in the community. Currently a Community Development Council, which consists of community elected volunteers, is trained and mobilized to co-manage the implementation of this project and similar future rehabilitation projects. 


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