Washington proclaims May 28 as ‘Azerbaijan National Day’

Washington, D.C. proclaimed May 28, 2020 as ‘Azerbaijan National Day’. The relevant proclamation was signed by city mayor Muriel Bowser.

The document notes that the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic declared its independence 102 years ago on May 28, 1918, becoming the first parliamentary democracy in the Muslim world.

It also stresses that the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic became the first Muslim nation to grant women the right to vote and equal political rights. “The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic grants all its citizens the right to vote regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or religion.

“Azerbaijan's existence as an independent nation ended in 1920 and was incorporated into the USSR in 1922. More than 60 years would pass before Azerbaijan would regain its independence in 1991,” reads the document. “Since that time, Azerbaijan has consolidated its independence and has become a reliable ally and strategic partner of the United States, which is supportive of Azerbaijan's sovereignty and independence.”

According to the proclamation, millions of Azerbaijanis around the globe, including in our world-class city of Washington, DC, will observe and celebrate the 102nd Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.  


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