‘We are doing our best for return of former IDPs’ – Azerbaijani President

The Azerbaijani state is doing its best for the return of former IDPs to their native lands, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aiyev said as he made a press statement in Jabrayil city, News.Az reports.

“Today, our official ceremony was held in Jabrayil. In fact, there is no city of Jabrayil per se because right where we are sitting, there were buildings, people lived and worked. But during the Armenian occupation, Armenians destroyed all our cities and villages,” the head of state said.

“These destroyed buildings are what is left of the city of Jabrayil. This destruction was not caused in the first Karabakh war, but by the Armenians during the years of occupation. They have so much hatred for the people of Azerbaijan that they razed all our buildings to the ground. The main goal behind this was that Azerbaijanis should never return to these lands. There would be no place to return. However, we have returned, we have returned by shedding blood, we have returned by fighting our way. And today, life is returning to this region, and we see this in the example of Aghali village,” he noted.

President Aliyev recalled that he visited a school in Aghali village on Wednesday.

“Seventy children are going to that school. None of those kids had ever seen this place before. In fact, even the parents of many of them were born during the years of occupation, many of them were children when the occupation took place. But they are back. Because the land draws people to itself, the Motherland draws them, and we will all return. All former IDPs will return. We are doing our best for their return, working day and night, and our Turkish brothers are with us in this restoration and construction work,” the head of state added.


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