Western Azerbaijan Community calls on Armenia to stop its revanchist and militarist policy

The Western Azerbaijan Community on Thursday urged Armenia to stop its revanchist and militarist policy.

“On March 27, French newspaper "Le Figaro" has published an interview with the remnants of the illegal regime, which was established by Armenia in the once occupied territories of Azerbaijan and, have already been discarded into the dustbin of history,” the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement, News.Az reports.

“This person, who remains at large thanks to Azerbaijan's humane policy, which serves to leave behind the discord between the peoples, based on understanding, reconciliation, has now decided to encroach on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan again.

The person in question mentioned that separatist structures continue to operate in the territory of Armenia, called on external forces led by France to interfere in the affairs of the region, as well as opposed the establishment of peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Those separatist elements present themselves as "immigrant government", "president", "minister", while the Armenian government actually turns a blind eye to this,” noted the Community.

“It is no coincidence that the interview was published by one of the French media outlets. Certain forces, spearheaded by France, trying to implement their nefarious geopolitical intentions in the region, and do not want to allow peace to be achieved in the region, trying by all means to increase tension. The militarization of Armenia, this interview, the Armenia-US-EU summit scheduled to be held on April 5 - all these are components of a single campaign serving the same line.

The Western Azerbaijan Community urges the Armenian government and the public to learn from history. Armenia should understand that it is unacceptable to create conditions for the activity of elements that encroach on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan in its territory,” the Community added.

The Western Azerbaijan Community demands that Armenia stop its revanchist and militarist policy, take the path of peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and create conditions for the return of Western Azerbaijanis to their homes,” the Community added.


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