Western Azerbaijan Community calls on Armenian gov’t to prevent provocative steps against Azerbaijan

The Western Azerbaijan Community on Monday condemned the “appeal” addressed to the international community by several so-called “organizations” linked a fictitious entity, which is already a thing of the past, News.Az reports.  

“The most absurd part of the “appeal” involves imposing nonsensical conditions that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan for the return to Karabakh,” the Community said in a statement.

“Karabakh Armenians not only cannot escape racist ideology, “miatsum” stories, and ethnic animosity, but they also continue to live in a parallel universe. The “appeal’s” authors thinking on the level of Vardan Oskanyan [ex-foreign minister of Armenia] and Artak Beglaryan [former "ombudsman" of the former separatist entity in Karabakh], appear to have failed to acquire the required lessons from the last 35 years," the Community noted.

“If the government of Armenia is genuinely interested in peace, it should prevent such provocative steps against Azerbaijan,” added the Community.


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