Western Azerbaijan Community sends letter to President of European Council

The Western Azerbaijan Community sent a letter to President of the European Council Charles Michel, asking the European Union to support the peaceful, safe and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia to their native lands, and the EU mission in Armenia to implement appropriate confidence-building measures in the field of ensuring their rights, News.Az reports.

The letter welcomes the EU’s efforts to promote the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia and emphasizes that the return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia is a necessary condition for establishing a lasting peace.

The letter notes that the mandate of the EU mission includes ensuring respect for human rights in Armenia without ethnic discrimination and building confidence. The Community calls on the mission to deal with the rights and security of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia, including creating conditions for them to visit their homes, cemeteries, shrines and cultural monuments.

In its letter, the Community also affirms its readiness to cooperate with the EU mission in Armenia on such topics as human rights, humanitarian issues, and the protection of civilians.


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