Western Azerbaijan Community slams Lithuanian FM’s biased statement

The Western Azerbaijan Community on Tuesday rejected the biased statement made by Lithuania’s foreign minister, News.Az reports.

“As the Western Azerbaijan Community, we reject the Lithuanian foreign minister’s statement. First of all, we would like to emphasis that Lithuania has no right to interfere in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs. Each country must be responsible in its statements and must not make itself look ridiculous. Lithuania has constantly taken an anti-Azerbaijani position, especially after the 44-day second Garabagh war,” the Community said in a statement.

 “Audio recordings disseminated several years ago in which Lithuanian diplomats spoke about the importance of supporting Armenians in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Garabagh conflict because they are Christians should become an embarrassment for Lithuanian diplomacy. This clearly explains the real reasons why Lithuania has never condemned Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijani territories and the country’s expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis from its territory and from the territories it once occupied. Lithuania must protect the rights of the ethnic minorities it oppresses on its territory and engage in dialogue with them for the purpose of integration,” the Community added.


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