Whats happening between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

The Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles has produced a video about what is happening on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

The video highlights the unprovoked military attacks launched by the Armenian armed forces on 12 July 2020 in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district along the two countries’ border, as well as Armenian shelling of Azerbaijani villages.

In the video, the Consulate General also explained the reason behind Armenia’s attacks on Azerbaijan.

“Prime Minister Pashinyan’s government in Armenia has been struggling with many domestic problems, including poor handling of COVID-19 crisis, severe economic downturn and growing authoritarianism. The military provocation could serve the needs of Pashinyan’s government to distract attention from domestic troubles.”

“All major oil and gas pipelines of Azerbaijan, the main railroad and highway to the West run through the same Tovuz district currently under Armenian fire. The disruption of this critical infrastructure has been Armenia’s longstanding goal,” the Consulate explained.  


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