Worldwide business-leaders sure about increase of their revenues - PwC

The year 2016 was difficult for not only Azerbaijan, but also the global economy.

One of the reasons of this is geopolitical risks, for example, Brexit. The business should foresee such events, Olga Grygier-Siddons, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PwC Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) told journalists.

According to her, PwC is ready to share its practice in this sphere with business areas: “There are always geopolitical risks and we must foresee them”.
She added that according to PwC’s research, 38% of CEOs of the global companies are sure that their revenues will increase in 2017: “This figure was 35% in 2016. The same indicators are also observed in Azerbaijan. One of main reasons of optimism is that dollar can see the economic uncertainty. We want this practice to be spread. Effective management and usage of information technologies optimize the spending and this is very important. Business should be developed on the basis of digitalization and transparency”.  
She added that the PwC attaches importance to Azerbaijan: “We’ll continue close cooperation with Azerbaijani government, companies and NGOs in order to solve essential problems”.
PwV Managing Partner on Azerbaijan Movlan Pashayev said that the year 2016 revealed systematically important problems. According to him, stabilization will be observed in 2017.  


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