Yerevan tries to create image of “real military escalation” in region - political scientist

Yerevan tries to create the image of “real military escalation” in the region, Elchin Mirzabayli, an Azerbaijani political scientist, told News.Az.

The political scientist emphasized that Armenia’s claims to portray the deployment of military personnel and equipment on the border with Azerbaijan as “exercises for military drivers” are nothing more than another lie of Yerevan

“I wonder why Armenia does not hold “exercises for military drivers” on its border with Iran? Has the border region with Azerbaijan been purposefully chosen for these “exercises”?, Yerevan’s claims, as always, have no logical explanation,” he said.

The political scientist also criticized the already-militarized EU mission in Armenia for turning a blind eye to Yerevan’s actions. “In its statement, the EU mission said it has not observed any unusual movement on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. However, claims about “exercises for military drivers” are Armenia’s next provocation against Azerbaijan,” he added.

Mirzabayli also noted that today’s shelling of the Azerbaijani Army’s positions in Nakhchivan direction by the Armenian armed forces confirms Yerevan’s intention to create a military conflict and divert the international community’s attention from the military movement in the direction of Tavush district.

According to the political scientist, Yerevan keeps misleading the West by making provocative statements that “Azerbaijan is preparing for a new war”, and “Armenia needs protection”.

“Yerevan, under artificial pretexts, is trying to prove the necessity of a “military pact” planned to be signed at an Armenia-US-EU conference scheduled for April 5 in Brussels. Now, Armenia’s main goal to achieve the signing of this “military pact” with the US and the EU. For this purpose, Yerevan is trying to create an image of “real military escalation” in the region,” the political scientist added.


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