Yerevan’s goal to create ‘chaos’ in South Caucasus – Russian expert

Yerevan aims to create chaos in the entire South Caucasus region, Yevgeny Mikhailov, a Russian expert on international security issues, told News.Az.

He was commenting on Armenia’s latest attempt to strike on one of the sections of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline.

Yesterday the Armenian armed forces aimed its missile strikes at the BTC section running through Azerbajian’s Yevlakh district. However as a result of Azerbaijani Army's decisive measures, the attack attempt was prevented and no damage to the pipeline was caused.

The BTC pipeline, the largest strategic project in the region, plays an important role in Europe's energy security.

The Russian expert said Armenia’s attempts to shell strategic targets are not surprising.

Mikhailov accused Yerevan of striving to drag thirds countries into the conflict, calling on Baku not to succumb such provocations.

“Armenia has demonstrated itself in a way that it does not respect any international norms, principles and conventions,” said the Russian expert, urging the international community to sharply react to Armenia’s military attacks.


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