Yerevan’s violation of trilateral statement undermines peace-building efforts, Baku says

The reason for the renewed escalation in the region is the non-fulfillment of obligations undertaken by Armenia, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday, News.Az reports.

The ministry was responding to the statement made by Armenia’s Security Council on Monday.

Armenia’s violation of the provisions of the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020 aggravates tensions in the region and undermines peace-building efforts, the Azerbaijani ministry noted.

“Regarding the use of international deterrence mechanisms, we would like to draw the attention of the Armenian leadership to the fact that mankind hasn’t yet come up with a better means of international deterrence than international law. Armenia, grossly violating the international law, cannot speak of an international deterrence mechanism,” the ministry noted. “If the members of the Security Council of Armenia still have no idea about the better means of international deterrence, then we once again remind them of the existence of fundamental principles of international law, including respect for the sovereignty and international borders of states, non-interference in the internal affairs of states, and observance of international obligations.”

“As for the issue of starting negotiations on a comprehensive peace treaty between the two countries, namely the Azerbaijani side, at the highest level, proposed signing a peace treaty with Armenia a year ago, and a month ago it announced specific principles on which the treaty should be based.

“If the Armenian side considers the issue of a peace agreement as a serious step, then it’s time to move on to concrete deeds. Azerbaijan, for its part, is ready for this,” the ministry added.


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