Azerbaijan Cuisine

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Parcha-doshama - Lamb with dried fruit and nuts

Parcha-doshama (parça döşəmə)is an Azerbaijani pilaf in which the meat and fruit are cooked in one pan together with the rice.

Alma dolmasi - Stuffed apples

Dolma, or stuffed vegetables, are a mainstay of Azerbaijani cuisine.

Heyva dolmasi - Stuffed quince

Dolma, or stuffed vegetables, are a mainstay of Azerbaijani cuisine.

Khamrashi - Noodle broth with meatballs

Khamrashi (xəmraşi) can be made with a clear beef or lamb broth, as in this recipe, or with chicken broth.

Paytakht salati - Potato, pea and egg salad

This salad is Russian in origin but is so popular in Azerbaijan that it has become part of the national cuisine.

Khamrashi - Chicken noodle soup

Khamrashi (xəmraşi) can be made with a clear beef or lamb broth or, as in this recipe, with chicken broth.

Lobya soyutmasi - Kidney bean soup

Bean soyutma is a cross between a thick soup and a serving of beans. It makes a delicious winter warmer but can be served at any time of year.

Balgabag shorbasi - Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkins are plentiful in Azerbaijan from late summer to early winter and are popular in soups, pilafs and kutabi.

Qizil qul murabbasi - Rose petal jam

Rose petals make a fragrant jam that carries the scent of summer throughout the year.

Feyxoa murabbasi - Feijoa jam

Feijoa is a green fruit the size of a small egg, which appears in Azerbaijan's markets in the autumn.

Zogal murabbasi - Cornelian cherry preserve

Cornelian cherries, or cornels, are widespread across the Caucasus and southern Russia. They make a deep red preserve with a tangy flavour.

Uzum murabbasi - Grape preserve

Small white seedless grapes, another fruit that grows in abundance in Azerbaijan, are best for grape preserve (üzüm mürəbbəsi).