Int’l conference on Karabakh conflict underway in Baku

The international conference entitled “The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, origins, peacemaking and the role of civil society” is going on in Baku.

Professor of Georgia’s Sukhumi State University Guram Markhulia said the conflict in Georgia has not been instigated by the West, noting that along with Russia, local Armenians also collaborated with Abkhazians against their own country Georgia, APA reported.

“Activities of the ‘Krunk’ organization in Abkhazia and the crimes against humanity committed by its extension, Bagramyan battalion, which was created on February 9th 1993, have to be carefully investigated. Their vicious and merciless acts during the Abkhazian war remain uninvestigated in the histories of Armenia and Georgia,” he said.

The professor noted that the Georgian prosecutor’s office has 200-volume material about crimes against Georgian civilians during the Abkhazian war.

“These crimes must be disclosed. I cannot forget this betrayal by Armenians,” he added.

Markhulia called on Russia to respect Georgia’s independence and territorial integrity, saying Georgia has nothing to share with Russia.

Samira Ismayilova, a member of Georgia’s United National Movement Party’s Political Council, said she does not share Maksim Shevchenko’s opinion that the West does not want peace in the Caucasus.

“Just like Azerbaijan, Georgia also has 20 percent of its territory under occupation. Is Russia not involved in what happened in Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan? Maxim Shevchenko said that if war breaks out in Karabakh, Armenia will ask for a corridor to Russia, which will pose a threat to Georgia’s sovereignty. This approach is inadmissible,” she added.

Speaking on the theme “Grigor Artsruni and roots of racism and collaborationism of Armenian nationalism”, Mehmet Bora Perincek, doctor of historical sciences of Turkey’s Istanbul University, underlined the importance of studying the formation and features of Armenian nationalism in order to understand milestones that led to the events of 1915 in Ottoman Turkey and the Khojaly tragedy.

“Armenian nationalism’s inclination towards collaborationism, roots of fanaticism and aggression are openly reflected in publications and documents of its ideologists. In this regard, the first ideologist of the Armenian nationalism was Grigor Artsruni (1845-1892). His ideas and the base he created are important for understanding the causes of the Armenian nationalism. As one of the first theoreticians of Armenian nationalism, Artsruni called on the European nations to fight against and destroy the Turkic peoples together with Armenian and other Christian nations of Asia,” he said.

Perincek pointed out that the Armenian nationalists with the ideas of Artsruni committed massacres in Ottoman Turkey which led to retaliatory actions.

“The new generation of Armenian nationalists brought up with Artsruni’s ideas, caused the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict during the collapse of the Soviet Union, committed crimes against humanity in the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly and other settlements and strengthened their position in the Armenian government,” he added.

Speaking on the topic “The War in Karabakh - the first terrorist war in the history of mankind”, Russian historian Oleg Kuznetsov noted that the Karabakh war of the 1988-1994 years is a terrorist war and the whole content of it expresses the sum and sequence of the crimes of terrorism.

“Transnational Armenian terrorism emerged in the Ottoman Empire in late 19th century as a socio-economic, socio-political and legal event, spread to the Russian Empire and the Balkan countries and then to Western Europe and North America. The first crimes of the Armenian terrorism were committed in 1980,” he said.

According to the historian, the current ruling circles of Armenia are, in fact, the group of former commanders of the armed forces of the Nagorno-Karabakh separatists which drew the people of the Armenian SSR from power and the state’s financial resources. Therefore, the Armenian government will never agree with fulfilling the requirements of international law unilaterally.

Kuznetsov stressed that the liberation of Azerbaijan’s occupied territories will be the final chord of the existence of transnational Armenian terrorism and turn it into another dark page in the history of mankind.


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