Azerbaijan releases photos from landmine explosion site in Tartar

Three Azerbaijani civilians were killed in an anti-tank mine blast in the country’s Tartar district on Friday.

According to the Azerbaijan Mine Action Agency (ANAMA), employees of RPS Energy Ltd. company Yusifov Nadir Panah, Gozalov Sakhavat Ismayil and Sadiyev Farid Mehman were killed in the blast.

Since the signing of the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020 by Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia, a total of 298 people, including military personnel and civilians, have become victims of mines as a result of the explosion of mines laid by the Armenian armed forces, 54 of them were killed, 244 people were injured of varying severity.

News.Az presents the photos from the landmine blast site in Tartar.

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