Newspaper: Armenia ex-minister, family emigrate to US

Hraparak newspaper has learned that former Finance Minister of Armenia, Gagik Khachatryan, has emigrated to the US, together with his family.

“For a long time, he, together with his sons, has settled in Los Angeles, from where they govern their businesses here [in Armenia].

“In essence, by leaving Armenia, the Khachatryans wish to stay away from the pre-election turmoil [in the country].

“To note, the NSS [i.e. the National Security Service of Armenia] had launched proceedings against Khachatryan, and based on a recording, which had appeared on the Internet and soon disappeared, in which the corruption schemes in the customs system [of Armenia] were presented on behalf of several of its employees; the names of Gagik Khachatryan and his nephew were given.

“Then began the fall of the financial empire of Khachatryan,” wrote Hraparak.


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