Russian expert says growing anti-Azerbaijani sentiment in Germany has several reasons

The growing anti-Azerbaijani sentiment in Germany has several reasons, Russian political scientist Sergei Markov told News.Az.

One of the main reasons is the factor of France, where the Armenian diaspora has a strong influence, said Markov. “Germany, in turn, is practically trying to coordinate its foreign policy with France, which has a brightly pro-Armenian position.”

“It’s well aware that the Armenian diaspora is very strong and influential in such three large countries as France, Russia and the United States, and everywhere it tries to influence their policies. Due to huge money and huge informational and political influence of the Armenian diaspora, French President Emmanuel Macron takes an anti-Azerbaijani position, and Germany is simply trying to coordinate its position with France,” the political scientist added.

Markov also noted that the existing anti-Turkish sentiment in Germany society is one of the reasons for the growing anti-Azerbaijani sentiment in this country.  


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