Ukraine says "fierce fighting" is ongoing in Soledar as of Friday afternoon

Various units of the Ukrainian military on Friday insisted that the battle for the eastern town of Soledar is ongoing, refuting claims of capture by the Russian Ministry of Defense and Wagner private military company, reports citing CNN.

“Local battles continue in the city,” the 46th Airmobile Brigade said on Telegram Friday. “Orcs [Russians] are pressing from the outskirts to the center. Apparently, they are trying to bring down to the center those of our units who did not have time to leave the city. You will not succeed, Russians.“

Ukraine’s General Staff on Friday posted a video from a soldier purportedly participating in the battle for Soledar, claiming that “fierce fighting” in the town was still ongoing as of 2:13pm local time Friday (7:13 a.m. ET).

“Right at this moment the fierce fighting is ongoing. Today is Friday, the 13th, what time is it? 14:13. We are right above the Soledar city center, here have a look,” the man, who uses the call-sign Madiar, says in the video, showing a video feed on a laptop. “You see the church? We see all the movements.”

Troops from the Armed Forces of Ukraine “are holding a dense and solid defense line,” he says. “Yes, the assault units of Wagner attack non-stop, because apparently this is a defining showcase for them, when they have to show some results to their employer. But we don't give a [expletive] about their plans. We are doing our job. We do it well. And we'll do it till the end. Until at least one single warrior is still holding one building in Soledar.”

“Please be patient,” he says, “And we will do our job with honor,” he added.

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