3.61 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered globally: Data

According to the latest data published Saturday on Our World in Data, a tracking website affiliated with Oxford University, more than 3.61 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered across the world.

China leads the global count with over 1.44 billion jabs, followed by India with 399.7 million.

The list continued with most Western countries, with the U.S. having administered 336.6 million shots, Brazil 121.8 million, Germany 85.62 million, the U.K. 81.7 million, Japan 66.71 million, and France 63.17 million.

Turkey ranked ninth on the list with over 62.57 million doses, followed by Italy, Indonesia and Mexico.

The country with the most doses administered by population is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with 164.44 doses per 100 people.

Following the UAE are the island nations of Malta with 162.71 doses per 100 people and Seychelles with 141.98, Iceland 136.68, San Marino 132.74, Bahrain 131.07, Uruguay 129.71, Chile 126.85, Israel 126.70, Qatar 121.40, Faroe Islands 120.42, the U.K. 120.35, Mongolia 119.36, and Canada 187.51.

Most COVID-19 vaccines are administered in two doses, so the number of shots given is not the same as the number of individuals fully vaccinated.

Since December 2019, the pandemic has claimed over 4 million lives across the world, with nearly 200 million cases reported worldwide, according to the U.S.’ Johns Hopkins University.

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