Japan to launch app for paperless border entry

Japan's Digital Agency said on Tuesday that it will initiate an application software enabling visitors and returnees to go through simpler customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) procedures from next week, Xinhua reports.

The "Visit Japan Web" service, slated to be launched next Monday, will exempt travelers from submitting CIQ paper documents if they register beforehand on smartphone and other devices.

The Japanese government pushed for digitalization of the procedures in an attempt to help reduce the risk of infection and alleviate the burden on officials at airport CIQ facilities which have been affected by a shortage of staff.

Travelers need to register quarantine questionnaires and customs declarations containing their names, addresses, health conditions and other information via the app.

Officials at border control will ask the travelers to show their smartphones or other devices to obtain information by scanning a QR code. The new app is expected to shorten the time of entry procedures.

The app will initially be available in English and Japanese, and other languages may be added later.

Japan has tightened its border control amid the spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, capping the number of daily arrival at 3,500.


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