Armenia's holding joint military drills with the US is wrong message - Turkish DefMin

Armenia holding joint military exercises with the US in a tense period in the region is wrong message, Yashar Guler, the Minister of Defence of Türkiye said during his interview with “Milliyet” newspaper, reports.

“Frankly, we didn’t really take this as a very serious step. But, of course, even bringing 25 people there can be perceived as the wrong message during such a tense period of time. That’s why I think it would be better for all countries to act sensitively. The Minister also emphasized that Türkiye will continue to support Azerbaijan: “Of course, there’s the “Shusha Declaration” that was signed by both countries, our respected presidents have already explained it very clearly in front of the whole world. So, we will always be beside our Azerbaijani brothers. In fact, when all of this began, our President (Turkish President – ed.) publicly demonstrated our full support. We told our brothers that we would support you," said the Minister.

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