Dollar broke historical record in Turkey

US dollar has reached historical record in Turkey.

Report informs citing the Bloomberg that yesterday evening, the exchange rate has reached the maximum level of 9423 TRY / USD.At present, the exchange rateshrank to 3.89 TRY / USD.The reason for the decline was a fall in the dollar on the world currency market compared to major currencies. Thus, yesterday, after the speech of the US president D. Trump dollar increased by 1.8% from 1.0450 USD / EUR and reached 1.0640 USD / EUR. Notably, D. Trump did not speak about future plans of the US economy yesterday.

Analytical Group of Report believes, the dollar rate in Turkey will remain constant until the next meeting of Central Bank on January 24.In case of any decision about increase of interest rates, US dollar can drop to the level of 3.60 TRY / USD.



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