Launch locations of Iskander missiles by Armenia still unknown, Azerbaijan’s agency says

The launch locations of the Iskander missiles by Armenia at Azerbaijan's city of Shusha remain unknown, Idris Ismayilov, Chief of the Operational Headquarters of the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, told reporters on Friday.

Azerbaijan's city of Shusha was liberated from Armenia's occupation on November 8, 2020 during the 44-day Patriotic War (from late Sept. to early Nov. 2020).

Ismayilov said the missile launch location could be established via a special radar.

He noted that the agency continues the de-mining operations.

"In Shusha, our employees found the fragments of a missile that fell at a distance of 780 meters from each other. One of the fragments was found in the northeast direction and the other in the opposite direction,” Ismayilov added.


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