Markov about Ilham Aliyev's press conference: He acted as a real leader of one of the world's leading countries

President Ilham Aliyev's press conference gave a broad systematic understanding of the position of Azerbaijan on the key issues, especially the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement, Sergey Markov, a Russian political scientist and director of the Center for Political Studies, told News.Az.

 According to him, Ilham Aliyev acted as a real leader of one of the world's leading countries.

"The excellent situational awareness and language proficiency is the reason why Ilham Aliyev enjoys such great respect among world leaders and in the arena of world diplomacy. The key was Ilham Aliyev's statement that Azerbaijan wants the maximum peaceful resolution of the problem. And in this case, it is ready to sign a peace agreement with Armenia. So Azerbaijan has been waiting for 20 years and persuaded Armenia to solve the problem peacefully and amicably. But since Armenia refused to accept a peaceful resolution, Azerbaijan was forced to use military force to liberate its territories occupied by Armenia."

The expert also noted that there is now a threat that a revenge party may come to power in Armenia and try to seize Azerbaijani lands by force again: "Ilham Aliyev stated that it would be a disaster for them. These were the words of the winner of the Second Karabakh War."


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