Russia likely will tap migrants to bolster mobilization, Ukrainian military official says

Brig. Gen. Oleksiy Hromov, deputy chief of the Ukrainian military's Main Operational Directorate, on Thursday said that Russia is stepping up production of munitions and would likely bolster its mobilization with migrants, reports citing UNIAN.

Hromov said Russia is increasing munitions "by reducing the quality of products, as well as by activating the conclusion of agreements with other countries."

He said Russia would likely tap into the large number of migrants from central Asia to shore up its mobilization.

"Individuals with dual citizenship are allowed to perform military service in Russia during peacetime. These changes are primarily aimed at attracting migrant workers staying in Russia to military service," he said.

Hromov estimated that about 2.7 million of the total number of migrants in Russia — the vast majority being from central Asia — are men of military age.

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