Sadiq Khan eyes re-election as London’s mayor

Sadiq Khan, London’s current mayor and Labour Party candidate for mayoral election on May 6, says he has a plan to help London recover from the “devastating” effects of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic if he wins a second term.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Khan said the British capital will emerge from the current situation as he would promote it extensively.

“I think the combination of Brexit and this awful pandemic has been devastating for businesses in London and across the country, particularly for those in retail, hospitality, culture, in leisure and tourism. In the last year, we have lost more than 300,000 jobs in London, and more than a million Londoners are currently on furlough,” he said.

To address all this, Khan said, “I have got a plan, which is jobs, jobs, jobs.”

He said his plan involves keeping people employed and helping those who have lost their jobs find new, stable employment in the city.

Khan also said they have used publicity and promoted the West End, a district of Central London where cultural centers, theaters, restaurants, pubs and cafes are located, to bring people back after the pandemic.

He said more than 18,000 Londoners died last year because of the coronavirus, but with the vaccination and test and trace system now in place, he said he hopes the most recent lockdown was the last.

Urging everyone to get vaccinated, he said “as we have come out of the lockdown, we will have a good recovery.”

He noted that his first three actions, if he is re-elected, would be helping central London to recover, setting up various job academies for young people and carrying on improving London’s air quality.

(c) Anadolu Agency


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