Armenian provocations on the border can be anywhere, Azerbaijani Armed Forces are ready to respond - military expert

Violations of the ceasefire by the Armenian army confirm that there are still forces in the country interested in aggravation of the situation on the border, military expert Shair Ramaldanov told News.Az.

According to him, Armenian radicals also continue their attempts to involve the CSTO in the border conflict.  

"Earlier such provocation was in the Tovuz direction of the border, today in Gadabay, and tomorrow it may be in another direction. Therefore, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are ready to respond to these provocations and suppress enemy firing points. The Azerbaijani border is fully controlled by the units of the country's Armed Forces and they carry out their duties in cold blood, preventing any violation of the ceasefire."

"We have repeatedly said that Azerbaijan does not claim any lands of third countries, the country's policy is only aimed at good neighborly relations and cooperation with everyone, including Armenia. I am sure that our borders are reliably protected. We have all the conditions and opportunities for this," he concluded.


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