Armenia’s behavior against detained Azerbaijani soldier is a war crime - Russian political scientist

“Acts committed against detained Azerbaijani soldier in Armenia is a war crime and it is absolutely unacceptable. Perpetrators of this crime should be punished. Azerbaijan has every right to demand from Armenia to punish criminals," Russian political scientist, head of the Institute of Political Studies Sergey Markov told

Political scientist noted that these inhuman actions committed against Azerbaijani soldier should be considered a continuation of Armenian atrocities against the civilian population during the First Karabakh War and the Khojaly Genocide.

“There is a strong expression of hatred against Azerbaijan in the Armenian press. During the occupation of Karabakh and surrounding regions, hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis were displaced from those territories as a result of atrocities committed by Armenian armed groups. This shows the degree of hatred of Armenians against Azerbaijanis. Measures should be taken to reduce Azerbaijanophobia and Turkophobia and eliminate nationalism in this country,” he said.

Sergey Markov emphasized that people of different ethnic and religious beliefs live freely as a result of the multiculturalism policy implemented in Azerbaijan: “There is a very large Russian community in Azerbaijan, they feel very comfortable in this country. More than 30,000 Armenians also live in Azerbaijan. The government of Azerbaijan guarantees that the Armenian population of Karabakh will live normally in the country as full-fledged citizens." 

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