Austria to impose curfew on those who are not fully vaccinated against coronavirus

Austria will impose a curfew on those who are not fully vaccinated beginning Monday as cases surge in the country, Anadolu Agency reports.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said at a news conference Thursday that a lockdown could be given a "green light" after a meeting Sunday with heads of state and experts.

Noting that he is against introducing a curfew for all, Schallenberg said the action at the federal level is in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Health Minister Wolfgang Muckstein said beginning Monday the curfew for those who are not vaccinated in the states of Upper Austria and Salzburg is certain but left unanswered questions about when a similar measure would take effect for the entire country.

Muckstein said the vaccination obligation for those working in the health sector will be implemented.

Starting Monday, those not fully vaccinated in the two states will not be allowed to go outside, even if they have had an infection or a negative PCR test.

Germany put Austria back in the "high risk" country category due to the rise in infections.

From Sunday, travelers arriving from Austria will be subject to a 10-day quarantine. They will be able to leave the quarantine if they test negative for the virus on the fifth day of quarantine.

The country confirmed 923,150 cases and 11,601 deaths from the virus, according to the US-based John Hopkins University.


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