Azerbaijan begins construction of road linking Naftalan city with Tartar-Sugovushan highway

The construction of a road in Azerbaijan, which will connect the city of Naftalan with the Tartar-Sugovushan highway, has begun, said Anar Najafli, spokesman for the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads.

According to the spokesman, a 22-kilometer section of the Talysh-Tapgaragoyunlu-Gashalty highway is under construction.

“This road will be commissioned in 2021. It will connect Naftalan with Tartar-Sugovushan-Talysh highway,” Najafli said.

Chayli-Sugovushan-Talysh road was built in the 1970s. For 30 years of occupation by Armenia of Azerbaijani lands, the road was completely destroyed.


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