Dozens of restaurants opened in the Czech Republic as protest against social restrictions

Owners of dozens of restaurants and cafes have restarted the work of their establishments despite the ban imposed by authorities because of strict social restrictions linked to the coronavirus, Cesky Rozhlas radio station reports on Sunday.

The protest started on Saturday. Public catering establishments that violated the ban were controlled by police, demanding their immediate closure and imposing a fine of about €765 on owners. The action is intended to bring the attention of authorities and the public to the restaurant business, which sustains huge losses. Cafes, restaurants, bars, and canteens are closed for about three months. Their daily losses are about €15.9 mln.

Restaurant owners are going to register the political movement in the country and then announce areas of their establishments as the gathering places for members of primary organizations. In such a case, they will be able to avoid existing restrictions.

Restaurants and cafes can only sell food and beverages through a special dispensing window. Access of visitors indoors is prohibited.

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