Expert: Pashinyan in order to gain more influence in Armenia, had to monopolize the power

The current process going on in Armenia was somehow expected. When a revolution takes place in some countries, it should not be assumed that this is the end of the story. Usually, there are follow-ups between the people who made the revolution.

Caucasus Policy Analysis Center director Ahmad Alili told News.Az on behalf of the arrest of Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) leader, MP, and business tycoon Gagik Tsarukyan.

“That is what is happening in Armenia right now. The people who helped Pashinyan once and Pashinyan himself, they have problems to solve, so I believe that Mr.Tsarukyan was one of the leading people who helped Pashinyan during the Velvet Revolution. Now you see that Pashinyan in order to gain more influence in Armenia, had to monopolize the power”, -he said.

What makes it unusual, A.Alili added, is that it was not Pashinyan who trigger the present processes in Armenia, the people surrounding him started it.

“That is quite important in this regard.  It’s not Pahinsyan that pushes Tsarukyan out of his circle, but Sarukyan and other people who want to see the new political environment in Armenia. And I believe it is because of three years of leadership of Pashinyan.

For the last three years, there is a little limited progress in most of what Pashinyan promised – economic prosperity, the rule of law, etc.

According to expert, that is why many people who were in his team left.

“Tsarukyan himself was the kingmaker during the Velvet Revolution in 2018. Thanks to Tsarukyan, Pashinyan came to power. Right now, there might be other people in the Armenian parliament willing to help Tsarukyan to go against Pashinyan. And if several opposition parties join Tsarukayn, they might trigger a new election.  It means the country will have to elect a new Parliament, and hence new leadership and the new prime minister. And this is quite interesting to see how these dynamics are going to develop. I believe there will be interesting developments in Armenia in the upcoming months, and these developments are going to affect the Nagorno Karabakh conflict also”, A.Alili concluded.


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