Ford to offer new Maverick compact pickup standard as hybrid

Ford Motor Co said on Tuesday its new Maverick compact pickup truck will have a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain as standard equipment, a technology choice aimed at keeping the vehicle’s starting price below $20,000.

Ford expects the hybrid version of the 2022 Maverick to make up about 40% of demand when it goes on sale this fall and the technology was critical to hitting the targeted starting price, Jim Baumbick, Ford’s vice president in charge of product planning, said in an interview. A gasoline-powered engine will be sold as an option.

“We see it certainly consistent with our strategy of leaning into electrification,” he said. “Hybrid is a step and you’ve seen a lot of the work that we’re doing and all of our investments going into battery electric as kind of a continuum of improving fuel economy.”

Ford and other global automakers are racing to shift their gas-powered lineups to all electric under pressure from regions like Europe and China to cut vehicle emissions. U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration is moving to reverse former President Donald Trump’s rollback of vehicle emission standards.

Last month, Ford boosted the money it plans to invest by 2030 on EVs by more than a third to about $30 billion and said it aimed to have 40% of its global vehicle volume all electric by then.

The No. 2 U.S. automaker also confirmed it will develop two dedicated EV platforms, one for full-size trucks and SUVs, the other for cars and smaller SUVs.

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