Iran should apologize to the Azerbaijani side that this terrible tragedy happened - Azerbaijani MP

“Today, a treacherous armed attack took place on the Azerbaijani embassy in the Islamic Republic of Iran. As a result of this armed attack, the head of the security service of our Embassy was killed, and two employees were seriously injured,” Member of Azerbaijan’s Parliament Elman Nasirli told

“Many questions arise. The first question is related to what is the motive, what is the reason? Why does this happen? The second question is, why does it happen at the present time? At the same time, one of the main questions is related to who is behind this crime and who ordered it. And finally, one of the main questions is, where were Iran's law enforcement agencies, Iran's special services? Did they really have no prior information or signal that this crime would happen? Why couldn't they prevent this crime in time? Such kind of questions are very relevant today, and of course, the incident will have a very serious impact on Azerbaijan-Iran relations, which are already experiencing complicated times. The number one issue in the current situation is that Iran must ensure that the criminals are found and punished,” said Elman Nasirli.

According to him, Iran should apologize to the Azerbaijani side that this terrible tragedy happened” “Tehran must admit that its special services, security agencies, and law enforcement agencies failed to fulfill their duties, and therefore it must take very serious steps. The persons who are responsible for this crime, those who are responsible for preventing the crime from happening should be punished. The Iranian state must undertake that such incidents will never happen again, and the security of the Azerbaijani embassy must be strengthened.”

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