Israel approves terms of deal with Hamas, reached in Paris - Qatar

Israel has given its consent to general provisions of a deal with Palestine’s radical Hamas movement, drafted during the recent negotiations in Paris, Qatari Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Majed al-Ansari said, News.Az reports citing TASS. 

"The meeting in Paris succeeded in consolidating their proposals on the table into one proposal. That proposal has been approved by the Israeli side and now we have an initial positive confirmation from the Hamas which also ordered framework," he told a seminar at the Johns Hopkins Foreign Policy Institute.

According to the diplomat, the proposals shaped by the mediators "will represent a general understanding of how the next parts of the coming humanitarian parts would look like."

He also emphasized that at this point, the parties to the conflict have been discussing via mediators the concept of the deal, but its details are yet to be coordinated.

"It does not include a lot of the details that still need to be discussed. But we are optimistic that we have now where it has eluded us for about two months now and you get to a point where both sides agree on the principles of how the policy is going to apply. They still a very tough road in front of us," al-Ansari said.


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