Russian expert on Armenia’s border provocations: Yerevan will not be able to achieve its goal

Armenia continues to provoke Azerbaijan to radical measures, while the final phase of provocations fails, Yevgeny Mikhailov, a Russian expert in international security, told News.Az.

In recent days, Armenian armed forces have been violating the ceasefire with Azerbaijan. On July 23, Armenian troops fired at the Azerbaijani Army’s positions in the direction of Kalbajar district, along the border of the two countries. As a result of a sniper fire opened by Armenia, Azerbaijani serviceman Farman Yagublu was martyred.

The expert noted that what is happening is an attempt to involve third countries in the Karabakh settlement process.

“Yerevan will not succeed. France remained on the sidelines together with the Americans, and it will not be possible to reverse the decisions already made under the control of Moscow and Ankara. Let me note that Baku, by its actions, is actually already forcing Armenia and its leader to sign a peace treaty,” Mikhailov said.

The expert also said that the Armenian side dreams of a tough rebuff and the introduction of troops into its territory in order to provoke the CSTO intervention. “But this is also not an option. Azerbaijan conducts regular consultations with Russia and there is an understanding that Yerevan is trying to manipulate both Moscow and CSTO,” he added.


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