Trump 'extremely confident' in US Justice Department evidence on wiretapping

President Donald Trump's administration is assured the Department of Justice’s evidence will support his claims of being wiretapped by the Obama administration

Trump has not yet provided any evidence for his accusation against Obama.

"He feels very confident that what will ultimately come of this will vindicate him," Spicer stated when asked about the Justice Department's findings related to Trump’s claims the administration of former president Barack Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower before the November 8 election.

On March 4, Trump took to Twitter to accuse Obama of having his Trump Tower headquarters' "wires tapped" prior to the 2016 presidential election, describing this as the former administration's "new low. The president went on to compare the alleged surveillance to McCarthyism and the Watergate scandal. The claims have been rejected by Obama's representative.
The following day, the White House said that Trump had asked the Congress to investigate this issue.

FBI Director James Comey disputed Trump’s allegation and asked the Justice Department to publicly denounce the claim, since such wiretapping order is considered to be illegal without a court's approval.


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