Turkish man makes 3D model of Azerbaijani man's car, symbolizing solidarity with quake-hit Türkiye

A Turkish man made a model of the old vehicle of Azerbaijani Sarvar Bashirli, who became a symbol of solidarity with Turkish quake victims when the twin quake hit Türkiye on Feb.6, with a diorama technique, News.Az reports citing Anadolu Agency. 

A photo of Azerbaijani Sarvar Bashirli driving through the streets of Azerbaijan's capital Baku in his decrepit car, bowing under the weight of several thick blankets and other supplies he collected to help the survivors as a Turkish flag fluttered on its roof, went viral in Türkiye and other parts of the world soon after the quakes.

Bashirli won millions of hearts when the photo went viral of him driving everything he could take in his old car to Turkish quake victims.

Ferhat Karapinar from Turkish Karabuk province started to make various figures using waste materials with the diorama technique five years ago.
Speaking to Anadolu, Karapinar,42, said he was impressed by the touching act from Basharli and decided to immortalize it.

"We are two states with one nation with Azerbaijan. When I saw this picture, I immediately said, 'I should make it.' I could not find this model in Türkiye. I had it brought from Germany through a friend of mine. I worked to reflect the texture of Sarvar Bashirli's car. It took me a week to make the car. I only paid for the model of the car, the rest is my own craftsmanship."

The Turkish man exhibits the model in his workplace and wants to present the last model and nearly 50 works he has made so far in the museum he plans to establish in the future.


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