US cut all contacts with Russia on counter-terrorism — official

Contacts between Russia and the US on counter-terrorism operations continued despite all complications in bilateral relations, but now Washington cut them and seeks to "push" Moscow out of international contacts, Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Yuri Kokov said in an interview for Rossiyskaya Gazeta published Tuesday, reports citing TASS.

"In the recent years, despite the complicate nature of Russian-American relations, countering international terrorism remained one of the few spheres, where expert consultations and practical cooperation between intelligence services continued. Currently, the US cut all bilateral contacts and seek to push Russia out of international cooperation format in this area," he said.

Although the US has been unsuccessful, "options for further constructive dialogue and development of previously achieved agreements with the Western states on matters of counter-terrorism are minimal," Kokov said.

"This may indicate their intention to continue using terrorist organizations and illegal militias under their control for achievement of their geopolitical goals," he believes.

The official mentioned cases when intervention of the US and its allies led to catastrophic consequences in some countries.

"This list is far from exhaustive. Considering the American establishment’s unhinged desire for global domination, such destructive and provocative actions could be expected in any part of the world," he warned.

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