Ankara condemns anti-Türkiye activity by PKK/YPG terrorist group in European Parliament

Ankara "strongly condemned" an anti-Türkiye activity by ringleaders, and supporters of the PKK/PYD/YPG terrorist group in the European Parliament building, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

“It is unacceptable to allow such an activity that targets our country's integrity, and serves the propaganda of a terrorist organization that is listed as a terrorist organization by the European Union," a ministry statement said.

This situation once again reveals the "hypocrisy and insincerity of the European Parliament in the fight against terrorism," it added.

Türkiye expects EU institutions and member states to stand by it in its fight against terrorism, which poses a threat to international security, the statement said.

"Allowing this activity, which is intended to gain legitimacy by mentioning the name of our country, also contradicts the international obligations of the EU," it added.

Türkiye will "resolutely continue its fight against all terrorist organizations without discrimination," the Foreign Ministry said.

In its more than 35-year terror campaign against Türkiye, the PKK -- listed as a terrorist organization by Türkiye, the US, and the EU -- has been responsible for the deaths of more than 40,000 people.


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