Armenian side doesn't take responsibility for its words and actions - political expert

The barbaric shelling of Ganja by Armenian armed forces after hours of negotiations on a humanitarian ceasefire agreement reached in Moscow shows that the will of the Armenian leadership to make a decision is completely paralyzed and there is no goodwill.

Azerbaijani political scientist, head of the "South Caucasus" Club of Political Scientists Ilgar Velizade expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az.

"On the other hand, we can clearly say that the Armenian side doesn't take responsibility for its words and actions. This is a complete failure and inability to negotiate. Unfortunately, the international community, which should condemn this act of terrorism of the Armenian state against Azerbaijani civilians, is quite an amorphous notion.  Where is Amnesty International, where are other organizations? Why are they silent?"

According to him, the Armenian side made use of this situation for many years.

"The clearly biased actions of these pro-Armenian organizations do not withstand any criticism. On the other hand, it is important for the Azerbaijani society that the Azerbaijani army in the current conditions protects its citizens from Armenian attack and is the only guarantor of the fulfillment of all international obligations".

Velizade also stressed that mediation efforts, unfortunately, do not yield any results: "And the situation on the front shows that if we do not stand up for ourselves, no international organizations or mediators will help us".      


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