Armenians undergo trial for attempted smuggle of 61 monkeys

Detained in Tanzania on March 23, the Vardanyan brothers are still under arrest.

Founding director of Zoo Fauna Art LLC Artur Khachatryan told that Artyom and Eduard Vardanyan are charged with an attempt to smuggle 61 monkeys.

"The trial has started, the witnesses are being questioned, according to my information, none of the witnesses said anything negative about the Vardanyans, and I think they will be free in the near future and return to Armenia," Khachatryan said.

According to the publication of Tanzanian The Citizen, on March 23, two Armenians  - 52-year-old Artem and 44-year-old Eduard Vardanyan - were detained at Kilimanjaro airport. The publication notes that the brothers tried to take out 61 monkeys on a cargo plane to Albania. Tanzanian laws prohibit the export of wild animals. Note that the brothers are the owners of the restaurant complex "Jambo Park" in Dzorahpure, which contains many exotic animals.


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