Attitude of Armenian side to Azerbaijani POWs was cruelest: Israeli expert

August 30 is the International Day of the Missing Persons.

In this regard, Mikhail Finkel, an Israeli lawyer and expert on international law and international politics, shared his opinion in an interview with News.Az.

"At the end of World War II, many international conventions protecting the rights of prisoners of war were signed. And any country that does not follow them is considered a rogue, terrorist and bandit country," Finkel said.   

He noted that since the First Karabakh War Armenia had held captive a huge number of Azerbaijani prisoners and hostages.

"These were both Azerbaijani military and civilians captured during the conflict, among them, there are also mountain Jews, in particular relatives of my friends. They have been in captivity for thirty years. There are also prisoners of war who were captured during the last war. Their treatment is terrible, brutal, they were used as slaves, they were tortured, terrible experiments, and the cruelest tortures were conducted on them. All this can only be compared in its cruelty to the terrible experiments of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele at Auschwitz on the prisoners. This puts Armenia on a par with such states as the Third Reich. This would not be an exaggeration, because the glorification of the Nazis by Garegin Nzhdeh, General Dro, the Armenian legion of the Wehrmacht has long occurred in Armenia."

The expert also stressed that in Azerbaijan the treatment of prisoners of war is the absolute opposite of the behavior of the Armenian side: "We see a humane treatment of Armenian prisoners of war, which corresponds to international conventions, international and humanitarian law and shows that Azerbaijan is a highly humane, civilized, modern country."


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