Azerbaijan aims to axe fugitive emissions by 2030

Azerbaijan plans to reduce gas emissions by 2020 by modernizing the gas pipelines in distribution systems and through other measures, and to bring the reduction of gas emissions in line with international standards by 2050, Novruz Guliyev, deputy minister of ecology and natural resources, said.

He made the remarks during the 24th International Caspian Oil & Gas Conference 2017 in Baku June 2, Trend reports.

In accordance with the strategy adopted to prevent gas leakages in distribution networks, and gas emissions into atmosphere during processing of hydrocarbons and collection of gases, it is planned to sharply reduce the volume of fugitive emissions by 2030, the deputy minister said.

“Azerbaijan aims to maintain the reduction of gas emissions by 2030 at the level of 35 percent of the 1990 baseline,” Guliyev said. “This will be a momentum for initiatives on mitigating the global climate change, which also corresponds to the national interests of Azerbaijan.”

He noted that it is planned to reduce the volume of gases that create a warming effect by using new environmentally friendly technologies in oil and gas processing, production of fuel meeting Euro 5 standard by 2021, and carrying out awareness raising activities among oil and gas sector workers.


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