Azerbaijan records growth in electricity production

In June 2020, the electricity production in Azerbaijan increased by 141 million kWh to 2,153.7 million kWh, according to the country's Energy Ministry. 

The exports went up 61.5 million kWh to 98.8 million kWh, while imports dropped 9.9 million kWh to 9.3 million kWh. 

In January-June 2020, the production made up 12,950.2 million kWh, up 65.2 million kWh from the previous year. 

In the reporting period, the production in the Thermal Power Stations (TPS) grew 27.8 million kWh to 12,084.0 million kWh, in Water Power Stations (WPS) declined by 199.9 million kWh to 680.3 million kWh, in other sources dropped 0.4 million kWh to 185.9 million kWh. Wind Power Stations produced 54.8 million kWh of energy, Solar Power Stations – 23 million kWh, and Solid waste incineration plant – 108.1 million kWh.

Energy production from Azerenergy OJSC stood at 11,571.3 million kWh (TPSs – 11,002.6 million kWh, WPS – 568.47 million kWh), from State Energy Service of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR) – at 195.4 million kWh (TPSs – 75.8 million kWh, WPS – 99.8 million kWh, Solar Power Stations – 19.8 million kWh), from other Power Stations – 1,134.6 million kWh.

In the first half of 2020, electricity export made up 621.1 million kWh, down 52.2 million kWh from 2019. Electricity import dropped 8.8 million kWh to 71.5 million kWh.


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